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Basically, Business is constantly changing, and you need to find new ways to quickly and easily accommodate that change without disrupting business. Today’s IT organizations, faced with decreasing resources and increasing business needs, are looking to cloud computing to provide a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective model for delivering IT to business: IT as a Service.


Cloud Computing is the next generation for computing and it is here now. Cloud computing offers a new service consumption approach that applies standardization and automation to enable rapid service provisioning.

Ralant Technologies is the premier cloud computing software and service provider, offering cloud computing solutions worldwide. Our Server Cloud lets you define the processor, memory, and storage resources you need to create a dedicated pool of Virtual Machines (VMs). It includes firewall and network resources, and resides on best-in-class infrastructure.

Ralant offers three Cloud Hosting products: Cloud Servers for web hosting India; Cloud Storage for file storage purposes and Cloud CDN for Content Delivery Networks.

Cloud computing takes recent advances in IT and is a convergence of 3 major trends :

Virtualization :


Applications are separated from infrastructure, so apps can now be run as virtualized images.

Software as a Service (SaaS) :


Applications available on demand on a subscription basis.

Utility computing :


Server capacity and processing capacity are accessed across a grid as a variably priced shared service, or simply pay as you go.




Ralant has broad expertise across cloud platforms and experience helping various enterprises adopt and connect leading cloud applications. This means we can help enterprises not only adopt or develop a single application but also build a comprehensive cloud adoption plan.


A cloud adoption plan brings together multiple cloud applications and platforms so that enterprises multiply the benefits of their cloud applications across their business, not just a specific area. Ralant’s unmatched experience, innovative technology, cloud focus, strategic partnerships and expert team ensure that you realize the step change benefits that are possible with cloud applications and platforms.

Unmatched Experience :


Unmatched experience at the forefront of cloud computing is used to increase business and IT productivity.

Innovative Technology :


Ralant’s cloud solutions are powered by innovative technology that is honed from hundreds of real-world customer engagements. Our cloud sourcing library packages are best extensions and tools to ensure success with cloud development.

Cloud Focus :


Complete dedication to cloud computing—we only partner with pure cloud providers, we also focus to run our own business 100% in the cloud and our service delivery model is designed for iterative development in the cloud.

Strategic Partnerships :


Ralant has strategic partnerships with the leaders in enterprise cloud computing including major Cloud Computing provider companies from the world.

Expert Team :


Experienced and Highly Qualified Team—our acceptance rate of <2% is lower than MIT or Caltech!